Leoni Wiring Systems



 LEONI is a leading global supplier of wire, cable and wiring systems to the Automotive, Electrical Appliances, Communication & Infrastructure, Industry & Healthcare and Conductors & Copper Solutions market sectors.
LEONI has over 80 locations in 36 countries, Headquarters are located in Germany.
LEONI Employs 3500 people in Egypt and has more than 50,000 Employees worldwide.
please visit   LEONI Wiring Systems Egypt S.A.E (LWSE) The specialist in a global market that demands individual solutions, Our main products are Cable harnesses and complete wiring systems for cars and commercial vehicles

Our Customers

Our customers rely on our expertise and commitment. They want a partner who offers more than just “business as usual”. They want a partner who understands every aspect of their business and who provides a total support capability.

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   Certificates & Awards

ISO/TS 16949ISO 14001FORD Q1 Preferred QualityDenso Supplier of the year1st Place Plant of Year 20032nd Place Plant of Year 20041st Place Plant of Year 2007